Four must haves for making your boat shine!

Four must haves for making your boat shine!

Boat Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard. Weather you have a brand new $100,000 wake boat or a hand me down boat, you want to keep your boat looking like new, a hazy oxidized gel coat does not look good. It is a lot easier to prevent oxidization, thick water spots and grime build up by taking small steps to keep your boat clean after every use. To keep my bass boat sparkling and with an almost mirror like look I have 4 things I always have in my truck for cleaning the gel coat.

  1. Hard Water Spot Remover: Hard water spots are inevitable and on a black boat like mine it can be very obvious and tough to clean. Simply wiping your boat dry once you’re off the lake typically will not remove these. Meguiar’s Hard Water Spot Remover is one of the best water spot removers I have tried. The key is to use a slightly damp rag while applying. For a homemade remedy mix ½ vinegar and ½ water, this mixture also works well on water spots, the biggest down fall with this option is the smell, it is not good.
  2. Quick Clean and Wax: My favorite is Meguiar’s Flagship Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax. Once you get rid of those water spots this wax gives your boat that sparkly mirror like finish. See the water reflecting off by boat in this photo… that’s the results! It is super easy too, just spray and wipe off the excess. This seriously makes cleaning and waxing at the ramp a breeze! No one wants to be the hold up at the ramp but who doesn’t want a clean boat? This quick wax gives you both.

  3. Micro-Fiber Towels: These are a must! Use these for applying water spot remover, quick wax, and cleaning any grime or excess wax off your boat. The gentle nature of micro-fiber helps prevent scratches while cleaning as well.
  4. Micro-Fiber Drying Towel: Towels like Meguiar’s drying towel are meant specifically for wiping away water to prevent any hard water spots right away. At first, I thought these towels seemed too good to be true, but they really do dry your boat significantly better than a typical micro-fiber towel. They do not get as damp as fast and they don’t smear the water nearly as much as other towels.

To keep your boat sparkling like new it doesn’t take hours of washing and waxing. If you use these 4 tools to do a quick clean at the ramp after each trip to the lake you will keep your boat shinning. Enjoy the lake and spend less time on the clean up!

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