Our Lake Story

How it all started:

Aqua Weed Stick was created out of frustration. Michaela was going pre-fishing one day alone, once she got to the lake she realized the wind was blowing right into the ramp. After battling the wind she then had to battle the weeds once she pulled her boat back out of the lake. Her trailer was full of weeds, I mean so full you could not even see the trailer beams! It took over an hour for her and the AIS inspector to pull the weeds off the trailer she had to crawl under the boat by the time she was done she was dirty, wet and very frustrated! She swore there had to be a better way. On her drive home she started to come up with an idea for a tool. She recruited the other half of Aqua Weed Stick, Justin to design and engineer the idea she had in mind. They bought a 3D printer and tried over 30 iterations until finally honing in on the perfect design. A mix of simple, small and easy to use features to make weed removal simple and fast.

Meet the inventors:

Michaela Anderson was born and raised in Minnesota, is extremely patriotic and love’s the outdoors. An avid bass tournament angler since the age of 13. She has fished across the country in youth and college tournaments and just for fun. Always on the go from one activity to the next and not wanting to waste a minute she knew there had to be a way to spend more time on the water and less time cleaning at the ramp! Justin Kofoed enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing or four wheeling. His lake day preference is a nice pontoon booze cruise or a day at the sandbar. He always has a project to work on or new song to learn on the guitar. His sidekick Lou Dog is never too far behind!


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