Tools to Remove Aquatic Weeds From Your Boat Trailer

When leaving the lake, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour trying to remove weeds from your boat trailer. I have travelled to a lot of different lakes and seen a lot of crazy things at boat ramps! That includes ways to remove weeds.

Most common ways I have seen people trying to remove weeds are:

  • Net Handle
  • Fishing Rod
  • Those grabber or pincher things that are meant for grabbing things on high shelves
  • Or just crawling on the ground under the boat to grab the weeds with your hand

Obviously, there are pros and cons to all of these options. Net handles are typically not long enough and tend to be big and bulky. Fishing rods are sensitive and meant for catching fish not flipping off weeds. You risk breaking your rod tip while using this tactic and no one likes a broken rod! The grippers/pinchers so far have been the best of these 3 options because you can typically pull some of those more stuck on weeds right off. The major issue with the grabber is that they are typically still not long enough to grab those weeds stuck way in the middle of your trailer. Also, they usually have small pinching pads causing it to really only grab a small number of weeds at a time. To ensure I was removing all of the weeds from my boat trailer before leaving the ramp I found myself crawling under the boat way to often to reach those pesky weeds. Boat ramps are typically dirty and wet so this was my last option.

After one particularly long and dirty clean up session at the boat ramp I decided boaters needed a better tool! That is how the Agua Weed Stick was started. I wanted a single tool that could push, pull, hook, scrape and cut weeds no matter where they were on my boat trailer. Side note: I have a Skeeter FX21 so that is a lot of trailer beams for weeds to get stuck on! The hooks and scraping edge allow for boaters to push, pull, hook, scrape and cut weeds on any trailer. Threaded head with a set screw allows users to use almost any threaded handle on the market without worrying about it twisting lose. With this flexibility you can use a variety of different handle lengths to make sure you have the right fit for your trailer.