Laws Requiring Weed Removal Before Leaving the Boat Ramp

Are you in a state that requires you to clean and remove all weeds off your trailer before leaving the ramp? Research on the Department of Natural Resource websites of all 50 US states showed 24 states that have laws, like you get in trouble if you don’t follow laws that require the removal of weeds. With another 22 states that do not have written laws but strongly suggest and support the Clean, Drain, Dry Initiative. The intent of these laws are to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species like Milfoil and Zebra Mussels. The Clean, Drain, Dry Initiate is a simple saying that helps remind boaters to clean weeds and other organisms off there boat. Drain any water that maybe held in your boat and finally dry your boat.

According to the spread of aquatic invasive species is a global problem. There is a wide variety of invasive plants and animals that can cause extinction to native species, habitat destruction, negatively impact recreation and the economy as well as in some cases spread disease that can be harmful to humans. The Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Campaign is trying to educate lake communities and tourists about how to help prevent the spread of AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species). For more information on types of AIS and damage they can cause visit this link

Make sure you check your states laws for requirements on the removal of weeds from your boat trailer or before you go on a trip check that states laws to make sure you do not get a fine. Using the Aqua Weed Stick not only makes weed removal easier but also helps each boater do their part in protecting the lakes we love!

AWS to prevent the spread of AIS