Retractable Landing Station Kit
Retractable Landing Station Kit
Retractable Landing Station Kit

Retractable Landing Station Kit

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Not all boaters can crawl or will crawl under their boat to remove weeds. By giving boaters a tool to easily remove weeds they are more likely to do their part by cleaning their trailer before leaving the ramp. Show your commitment to stopping the spread of AIS by investing in tools that will help boaters be a part of the solution.

Retractable Landing Station Kit Includes:

  • DNR approved sign. Sign can be customized if on private or county owned ramps.
  • One retractable reel
  • Reel holds 50 feet of vinyl coated steel cable (3/32-inch cable)
  • 4 Ft Aqua Weed Stick
  • Lock to securely attach Aqua Weed Stick and easily remove at the end of the season
  • Bracket to mount retractable reel onto post already at the boat landing 

Warranty: We stand behind the strength & durability of our product & will replace up to 10 AWS the first year if they are broken or stolen.

AIS Inspectors are expensive & only at the ramp a fraction of the time. With a tool station at the ramp at all times your able to always provide boaters with the tools to remove weeds on their own!

Shipping is a flat rate of $41 per kit

Tax Exemption: If you are tax exempt please contact Michaela at 651-895-3454 or email to set up a tax exempt account

Kit does not include a post of any kind, if you would like a post included check out our Economy Station! 

Check with your local DNR, county or state Parks and Trails group to ensure you have any needed approval before installation.