Empower Boaters to Stop the Spread of AIS!

Most boaters do not want to do this... Heck, many can not physically remove weeds this way!

When your trailer looks something like this after a day on the lake but you can't reach all of the weeds what do people do?
Empower boaters at your landing to remove Aquatic Vegetation completely every time! By providing boaters with the one tool on the market designed and patented to remove weeds quickly and effectively boaters have no excuse not to remove them. 
We designed multiple landing station options so you can choose the one that is right for your access and budget. We wanted something that was easy to use but hard to steal. Our retractable reels provide a secure way to give boaters access to the tool they need to remove aquatic vegetation 24/7. 
Pricing is transparent, no hidden fees, no contracts, no subscriptions or plans. 
All Stations can be placed on MN landings using a special use permit.